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"I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted." - Unknown

Womens' Retreats

The Women's Retreats are in the same vein as the Kid's Camp only lower key. It's the ladies' way to get away from the kids, carpooling, cleaning, cooking and multitasking for a few days, and indulge in getting pampered...horse style.

Woman leading horse at Black Hills Equestrian Center The retreat includes:
  • Group and Individual Lessons
  • Trail Rides
  • Horse Talk
  • Good Cooking
  • Relaxation

This camp does not have a set schedule. It is set around the group of ladies we have, meaning if you want to ride all day, take an afternoon nap or read a good book with the aroma therapy of horses and leather, its all about you for the weekend.

Please call for pricing and check calendar for dates

* Download application here

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